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Corporate Manager Software
The software that takes "minutes" to save you hours

The software is designed as an electronic corporate record book, plus much more. No longer do you need to keep track of all your corporate records on paper. No longer do you need to store all your corporate records in various locations, only to forget where you put them. Finally, a software program that will take all your corporate records and store them in one location.
Do you have multiple corporations and limited liability companies? Don't worry, this program will track an unlimited number of businesses all in one file and easily track each business separately.
Features of the Software:
Profile Areas

Corporate Profile - Manage your Corporations' important information and frequently used numbers

Personnel Profile
- Track each individual involved with the corporation and what their responsibilities are.
Officer / Director Profile - indicate each of the officers and directors and which of them have authority for specific functions in the company, such as who can be a signer on the bank account.
Shareholder & Directors meetings - You can track every shareholder meeting, the location, date, time and who was in attendance for the next 100 years of the business all in one location with easy to find reports that will show you each meeting.
Shareholder Transactions
Stock Ledger - Each Corporation has shareholders. Tracking shareholders and their authority is an extremely important part of owning a corporation. Does the shareholder own preferred or common shares, are they voting or non voting, how many shares do we have outstanding, how many can we issue? All questions that can be easily tracked in our Stock Ledger section of the software. This section will not only track every stock transaction, it will indicate the price per share, the value of the shares, the number of shares each shareholder holds, and reports of each of these.
Create Corporate Resolutions and Agreements
Resolutions - Hundreds of resolutions to choose from, in order to create the necessary documentation that your business needs for activities performed by the business and its personnel, officers and directors.
Agreements - Some of the most commonly used agreements in business are available for easy creation.
Easy Wizard - the easy wizard will walk you through step by step, each question that needs to be filled in for the resolutions and agreements, while providing explanations of the question.
Auto Fill - the auto fill takes all information you have typed into the profile sections and automatically fills the data into the easy wizard. Now you can create resolutions and agreements in just minutes.
Word Processor
All resolutions and Agreements can be created with the form wizard and then opened in the customized word processor. You can save the document in any format and within the program for easy lookup later.
A calendar is included for easy tracking of your corporate activities. Each activity is color coded and easily tracked from the monthly calendar.
Professional Resources
Track all the important contacts for the business in one location. In one place you can track your accountant, lawyer, broker, real estate agent and more...

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