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18 reasons Nevada is the jurisdictional choice for corporate America
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S vs. C Corporation

Nevada incorporation and LLC formation is simplified because of Nevada State laws. Whether you are an S or C corp because of the relatively low fees and ease of filing of the necessary forms, Nevada is the preferred state to incorporate in due to the absence of state income taxes creates a unique environment that is unrivaled in any other state. The following rules generally apply to S & C corporations in all 50 states:

S Corporation

    • Allows for limited liability of the owners/officers/directors

    • Typically runs on a calendar year

    • Full disclosure of corporate owners

    • Profits pass through to the individual tax return 1140

    • It may only have one class of stock

    • More corporate tax because all profits are taxed even if you do not distributed

    • State taxes will apply for individuals who are located in a state with an individual who are located in a state with an individual state tax

    • It must be a domestic corporation formed in the USA It may have no more than 35 shareholders

    • It may only have individuals, estates or certain trusts as shareholders

    • It may not have nonresident (outside Nevada) alien shareholders

C Corporation
    • Allows for limited liability of the owner/officers/directors

    • Runs on a fiscal year which may be designed by the corporate principals

    • In Nevada no disclosure of corporate owners

    • Profits taxed at corporate rates on an 1120 Tax return

    • Profits can be kept as retained earnings

    • Nevada has no state taxes or corporate tax of any kind


Most people do not fully understand the differences between the different types of corporations available to them. The determining factor in deciding weather to open an s vs. c corporation is if you plan on going public or not. Between the two (s corp. or c corp.), there are many differences, both allow limited Liability for officers, owners, and directors. The two run on different types of yearly scenarios. The c corporation runs off of a fiscal year and an s corporation runs off of a calendar year. The type of corporation you are in will affect the corporate owners, directors, and officers greatly. One of the most significant things about owning your own corporation is the tax benefits. Depending on the type of company you establish or operate, the tax scenario could improve significantly if you incorporate with the correct type of corporation. Nevada corporations receive more tax returns due to the fact that that there is no state taxes for income.