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The Business Support and Development Division are here to assist you.   As a Red Rock Corporate Solutions valued client, you will be receiving quarterly courtesy calls.  These calls will require at least 45 minutes of your time. 

We will begin contacting each of you in the month of April.  We will be scheduling you for a one hour appointment.  If you would like to schedule sooner, please contact Erica Carnivalli at 702 384-3700. 

Your appointment can be a telephone or office appointment.  Please have your record books with you at that time. 

The objective of these appointments are to 1) verify that the entities are within compliance, 2) verify that the entities and you are maximizing all benefits 3) verify that the entities and you are best protected and 4) answer any questions and make necessary recommendations. 

I would like to make one recommendation to you now.  Start listing your questions or concerns on a new tablet.  At your appointments write down our response.  Keep that tablet set aside specifically for your quarterly appointments.  You can refresh yourself through out the year. 

If the quarterly calls aren’t enough communication for you, we do offer our consulting package with unlimited access.  You can contact us through scheduled phone calls or office appointments.  You can email your consultant right when the question arises.

I look forward to meeting each of you during this upcoming year.

To assist us contacting you expeditiously, please complete and return to us.  You can return it by contact Regina Romero, emailing it, faxing it or mailing it in.  The contact information is located below.

Thank you for letting us serve you and your consideration.

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